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Fine Grind Tool Company designs, manufactures and supplies tools to the pipeline industry specializing in the tie-in process.

From Cut to Clamp Streamlining Tie-ins

Improve productivity & safety
Lower weld repair rate
Reduced costs

Tie-Ins represent a significant decrease in productivity with more than double the repair rate than that of mainline sections. The accuracy of cutting, preparation and alignment becomes very critical. Using the Fine Grind Tools in the trench where there is no access for larger machinery gives the advantage of a factory like prep where once impossible.

The Fine Grind Tool

95% of a weld is the preparation Goal- to produce faster higher quality tie-in welds.  The Fine Grind Tool is a portable pipe prep machine that cleans back the coating and bevels the edge to V or J prep. Tie-Ins have no access for larger machinery to prep the pipe after a flame cut, the FG tool is hand portable increasing the weld quality on tie-ins while reducing the time for completion.

Demagnetizing Equipment

The Fine Grind Demag Band neutralizes magnetic fields which may be present in the weld preparation region of mating steel components. The Demag Bands undertake degaussing of the end of the pipe only. This down cycling process is relatively quick – less than 3 minutes.

Cone Spacing Tool

Traditionally a spacing wedge would be hammered into the pipe to space and hold the welding gap. This results in damaging the pipe face with indentations, possible mushrooming, and flat spots. Any damage to the pipe face will contribute to a weld defect or repair.

UT Cal Block Bumper

The UT Cal Block Bumper System is designed to hold a calibration block and position it into a wide range of motion. Very ridged and stable with easy install into a regular receiver, no modifications required.