Fine Grind Tool Co. is an innovative pipeline tool manufacturer and designer that rents and sells a variety of welding apparatus tools. Two key tools have been piloted and patented to obtain a more efficient means of welding tie-ins to increase productivity while decreasing costs. Hand portable tools accessing where other equipment cannot.

Fine Grind Tool Co. originated from Gregg Bruinsmas 20 year experience in the field as a pipeline welder. His background includes pipeline construction fabrication and manufacturing. He saw the inefficiencies and disadvantages that were put in front of welders on the tie-ins. Gregg knew this process needed an improvement in the tools available for the job and the process in which it was completed.

Fine Grind Tool Co. combines the pipeline experience with master machinists to develop new and innovative tools for the pipeline industry.

Our headquarters are in High River, Alberta conveniently located along the #2 Highway.


Shipping Address:

Fine Grind Tool Co.
498228 121 Street East
High River, Alberta T1V 1P7

Gregg Bruinsma

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