A patented innovative tool designed for spacing pipe

New Pipe Cone Spacing Tool

Damaged pipe from wedge spacer vs cone spacing tool

  • No damage to bevel
  • Maintain consistent space of pipe to weld
  • Reduce weld repair rate
  • Increases weld distance before stopping
  • Increase welding speed with consistent spaced gap
  • Easy fast set up, adjustment and removal
  • Matched adjustment nut to line up clamps no extra tools needed
  • Improved safety replacing hammer and chisel method

Traditionally a spacing wedge would be hammered into the pipe to space and hold the welding gap. This results in damaging the pipe face with indentations, possible mushrooming, and flat spots. Any damage to the pipe face will contribute to a weld defect or repair. The cone spacing tool spaces the pipe damage free by placing pressure on the surface area of the bevel. It aligns with the alignment clamps while the actuator screws in to open the pipe and maintain a consistent welding gap. Reduces weld repair from traditional spacers by 100%.