Removes Unwanted Magnetism in Pipe

  • Simple operation
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Fast operation, great in production settings
  • Compatible with a large range of pipe size 16”- 48”

The Fine Grind Demag Band neutralizes magnetic fields which may be present in the weld preparation region of mating steel components. The Demag Bands undertake degaussing of the end of the pipe only. This down cycling process is relatively quick – less than 3 minutes. The hysteresis loop time is typically 1-3 seconds allowing deep penetration of the degaussing field into the metal of the pipe end. This is a two stage process, initially the pipe magnetism is measured using a gauss meter, and then to degauss the pipe end a single loopdegauss is initiated by the user. The pipe end is then rechecked with a gauss meter and further action can be taken if needed.

About Arc BlowArc blow occurs when welding is attempted in the presence of a magnetic field. Some processes are more prone to arc blow than others, but TIG welding is particularly sensitive. Disruption of the welding arc generally occurs with the presence of gauss. The shape of the weld prep effects the shape and direction of the magnetic field, often magnifying the magnetic effect over 100X!

The magnetism in the rest of the pipe remains unchanged, so, over time after the weld is completed, the magnetism in the rest of the pipe will ‘leak’ back into the pipe end. This process is material dependent, but is typically from about 12hrs down to about 1hr.