95% of a weld is the preparation Goal- to produce faster higher quality tie-in welds.

The Fine Grind Tool



The Fine Grind Tool is a portable pipe prep machine that cleans back the coating and bevels the edge to V or J prep. Tie-Ins have no access for larger machinery to prep the pipe after a flame cut, the FG tool is hand portable increasing the weld quality on tie-ins while reducing the time for completion.


  • Precise beveled edge for welding
  • Bevel profile V or J Prep
  • Factory like prep and fit up
  • Repeatable consistent space for weldingno large to small gaps
  • Improve ease of weld and reduce weld repair rates
  • Maximize welding time dedicated pre prep crew one step ahead
  • Possibility to gain 1-2 tie-in welds per day with integrated cut to clamp system
  • Meet industry high standards of quality of work
  • Edge on competitive market
  • Access anywhere

Tool Features

  • Proprietary milling head cutter bevels to a V or J prep
  • Tungsten carbides
  • Tracks the pipe for precise milling
  • Ease of mobility breaks down into 2 pieces (2 man lift)
  • Safety features – E-Stop button, slip compensation, motor fuse, milling guards
  • Environment -contains shavings from mill
  • Coating clean back sander
  • Power source 120 v or a 20 Amp service
  • Patented


Tie-ins, off sides or sections

Use on 20” – 60” diameter pipe

Time Saving

The Fine Grind tool preps the pipe face from cut to bevel in 10-15 min per pipe end saving significant time from the previous manual methods. Welders have a precise consistent space to weld increasing speed. Possibility to produce 1-2 more welds per day depending on the implementation of the full system with a dedicated pre prep crew.

Clean Back

A feature of the Fine Grind tool is the clean back sander. The sander strips back the coating 6” eliminating the need to be sandblasted before UT can scan the weld. No waiting for sandblasting crew or delaying UT scan.